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A nature capsule for Pangaia

We designed a sensory forest experience housed in a Nature Capsule for Pangaia’s pop-up at The Grove in LA. The brand is driven by a commitment to the environment, creating bio-engineered, sustainable materials through new technologies, and we wanted this space to embody their inspiration: the symphonic ecosystem of the natural world.

The capsule offers visitors a soothing experience that transports them into the diverse woodland biomes of a Californian forest. Forgoing the visual, this forest engages the body with scent and sound to recreate the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Composed with spatial audio software, the sonic landscape teases out the different sounds of a forest based on in-depth research into the area’s local species and weather. From the insects in the earth and the birds in the sky to the gentle patter of rain on the leaves, the sounds play out from a set-up of many speakers placed at different heights to build a textured, dynamic sonic space that evolves throughout the day. Against the clean and white laboratory aesthetic of the interior design, the speaker installation takes centre stage, drawing attention to the sound experience.

With notes of moss, pinecones, wood and rain, the capsule is infused with a custom scent to heighten the experience of the forest. Immersed in a calm sensory experience, visitors can explore the brand’s ready-to-wear bio-based products which line the space, watch a mini-documentary on deforestation and even plant a tree. Once outside again, a small window on the capsule’s exterior showcases Pangaia’s textile innovation.

Experience Design, Art Direction, Creative Technology, Prototyping, Spatial Design, Sound Design

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