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A series of digital experiments for SPACE10

Initiated by IKEA and its research and design lab SPACE10, Everyday Experiments is a series of digital experiments that explores new ways of interacting with the spaces we live in.

Along with some of the world’s most forward-thinking design and technology studios, we were commissioned to reimagine the space we call home. We researched and prototyped three different applications that transform the home into a dynamic and innovative space of new encounters.

Hidden Characters

Who do you live with? Hidden Character uses AR to bring your furniture to life. Set free your inner child and get to know your roommates by scanning objects with a tablet to transform them into characters, created in collaboration with UK-based 3D artist Anton Hjertstedt. Each character is based on the unique properties of the object itself, generated by an algorithm that transforms its colour, size, shape and texture into a one-of-a-kind personality.

Point & Repair

How can we dialogue with objects in our home? Can objects talk back if they need something? Point & Repair explores new interfaces that embrace a more natural way of interacting with the objects in your home, encouraging you to upcycle your belongings rather than replacing them. By pointing at a piece of your furniture, you can find out what upkeep it needs and when working towards a more sustainable way of living.

Designing each object as it would be in built in physical space, you can learn about their individual components, looking from different perspectives to get to know it better. Point & Repair creates a two-way relationship combining voice and visual interface to give the home a more vocal role, allowing your furniture to ask questions and make suggestions.

Home Puzzle

What would your room look like if it had a refresh? Home Puzzle lets your imagination loose to experiment with your living space. Scan your room to make a 3D environment where you can drag and drop the objects you want to reposition to try out different layouts with zero effort. A combination of diminished reality and photogrammetry allows you to visualise this process directly in front of your eyes, as if it were really happening.

A range of fun features invites you to embrace chance and turn your room into a playground. Shake to get a random setup of your room, or flip everything upside down. Looking at the possibilities right in front of us transforms the home into a dynamic and flexible space, ready to respond and change to suit our future needs.

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