An internet creation myth for kids

We launched an activation for Cinekid Festival that tells the story of how the internet was invented.

We made both an online and physical representation of the project, that allowed us to create an immersive world that works on all devices, installation, mobile and desktop so regardless of the physical position you can escape into a well and unleash your imagination.

Experience is here:

Parallel Archaeologies is an ancient portal that has opened up at the bottom of a well, like a blackhole it sucks our attention inwards streaming distortions of alternate internets and code cracked dimensions as we fall into a cosmic spiraling binary bliss, that is, until the robotic hacker cats messed it all up.

It all started when The Gods assembled a select group of ancient avatars to decide upon the shape of a new, fantasy universe. But, once they got to work, they quickly realized that they couldn't agree! The mermaid wanted it square, the centaur wanted it cylindrical, and the reptilian wanted it mobius...

Frustrated by their inability to decide they all fell into a deep slumber...

While they slept, a clowder of hacker cats descended upon them to steal their avatar code and send it to an AI engine, essentially spoiling their plans.

When the ancients awoke they found themselves trapped inside of an artificial intelligence software in which their identities were consumed by data libraries. Stuck with only fragments of their eyes freaking out, the internet collapsed, sending the universe into an endless binary blackhole.

That is, until it restarts…

This creation myth is tied to a visual language that makes its audience feel like they are constantly falling down a hole. We elaborated on that with the physical version of this project that is shaped like a well, with arcade-style buttons on the side to use to switch to alternative parallel realities where the worlds become devoured by artificial intelligence becoming more incomprehensible and fascinating.

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