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Animated Retail Capsules for Dior

We created a set of modular travelling retail cases for the Dior Homme Made To Order Exotique Collection, 2016. The living, minimal installation showcases the craftsmanship and quality of the jackets and accessories, which are made from exotic leather.

Light is used as a means of product discovery throughout the entire experience. Each step unveils a new plane of discovery showcasing the meticulous and detail-oriented work of each product.

Curiosity is aroused by a breath-like rhythmic light animation pulsating through the sides of each case, drawing viewers’ attention to the hidden leather goods placed on sliders within the structure. A window in the display’s front layer reveals a hint of the product’s material and pattern. The two-step opening of the cabinet highlights its symmetrical structure.

To complete the experience, the display turns into a personal dressing room once the jacket is removed. A two-way mirror system turns the luminous background into a reflective area.

Dior Homme
Lighting Design, Spatial Design, Product Design, Art Direction
Bonsoir Paris Sound Design – Giacomo Lecchi d'Alessandro