Digital Partner for Belgium Fashion House Maison Margiela – Défilé SS20

Since Spring-Summer 19, we have been collaborating with Maison Margiela as a digital partner for six of their collections. Guided by John Galliano’s radical and unique vision, the collections are highly-considered constellations of ideas, craftsmanship and performance. Our job has been to understand the core concepts of each collection, and translate them into a multifaceted contemporary visual experience: from runway videos and live show streams to podcasts and photoshoots.

Rather than ‘documenting’ an end-product, we have become part of the making-process itself. Drawing on the maison’s craft-based approach, we have come up with tailor-made formats and visual communication strategies that respond to the specific themes and language of each season. Building new forms that work alongside Galliano’s avant-garde thought-process, the digital universes we have created are an extension of the collection, rather than a documentation of it.

Défilé SS20

The ready-to-wear collection looked back in order to look forward, layering the past into the present. In response to our contemporary state of political turmoil, Galliano searched for hope, drawing inspiration from the icons of WW2 and the idea of uniforms.


We foregrounded this idea of ‘Remembrance’ in the assets we created, referencing the feeling of hope Galliano found in the heroes of WW2 in the podcast teaser, show teaser and runway video. Grounding the collection firmly back in the present, we also introduced photography of the show from an audience perspective as well photographing the new genderless ‘Snatched’ bag.

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  • Maison Margiela

  • Role:
  • Creative Direction, Production Oversight, Post Production, Main Show Video Edit, Teaser Video, Podcast Video, Key Look Photography, Product Launch Photography

  • With:
  • Lonneke van der Palen – Photography

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