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Exhibition design for Fondazione Prada’s ‘Role Play’

In Fondazione Prada’s new exhibition 'Role Play', held at Osservatorio Milan and Prada Aoyama Tokyo, 11 international image-based artists bend and stretch the concept of identity. Embracing fluidity, the art works on view create a constellation of different perspectives, each with its own character. For both spaces we designed a space aimed to erase the influence of the building on the art work, drawing the individuality of each piece into sharp focus.

Using minimal physical interventions, we transformed the space completely by submerging it in a sea of deep blue lighting. The rich tone of blue invites visitors on a disorienting, intense perceptual experience whilst also creating a homogeneous space that envelops the details of the building.

Highlighted by precise spotlights that neutralise the blue, the art work on view seems to float in space, popping out against the monochrome. The result is a paradoxical space that plays on the theme of identity: the blue space has a distinct character of its own whilst having zero influence on the art work, celebrating the unique identity of each piece.

“Role Play” will generate its own “alter-ego” at Prada Aoyama Tokyo in the form of another show including works by Juno Calypso, Beatrice Marchi, Haruka Sakaguchi and Griselda San Martin, Tomoko Sawada, and Bogosi Sekhukhuni. Prada will present this second exhibition in Tokyo from 11 March to 20 June 2022 with the support of Fondazione Prada.

Fondazione Prada
Exhibition Design
Melissa Harris – Curator

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