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A Lookbook of Many Gazes for Fred Perry x Raf Simons

What would it be like to trade perspectives with someone? To look at the world through their eyes? And how can you unlock a story by piecing together multiple perspectives?

This was on our mind for our third collaboration with Fred Perry x Raf Simons. For this new lookbook, the SS20 collection is seen through the eyes of many. With no single perspective, the story unfolds from gaze-to-gaze.

Continuing our exploration of 360 storytelling, the lookbook follows on from our previous collaborations. Last season's house party is still in full swing, but we've shifted backstage to join the models and photographers at work on set. Here, instead of moving through time and space in a linear way, everything is compressed into a single moment. Time and space collapse into one giant scene, with multiple stories unfolding within it. Viewers can travel through the space through different individuals, becoming part of the scene.

Inspired by the feeling of Gavin Watson’s iconic imagery, which remains at the heart of the collection – this time in colour – each viewpoint offers a fresh take on the scene. Staging, deconstructing and re-recording, the immersive environment plays on photography’s ability to direct and frame our attention.

Everything is seamlessly connected in this universe, from throwbacks to the previous collection to the journey between editorial and e-commerce. Viewers can browse and explore the collection in-situ rather than navigating away to a separate, homogenous page: each piece is shot on the model in front of the space they are standing in.

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