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Shaping Today for Tomorrow: An exhibition space for Inditex

Following on from our sustainability store takeover for Zara, we made a temporary architecture for Inditex’s headquarters in Galicia, Spain.

We were commissioned to make an internal exhibition highlighting different experimental projects from across the company’s multiple brands. The space we created is both a recognition of what has been achieved up to this point and a unifying mission statement for Inditex’s future and commitment, designed to inform, inspire and involve all of the company’s employees.

Inserted in the HQ’s grand foyer, the metallic structure beckons in employees, inviting them to step away from their usual work day into a novel environment. Rendered in a textured and contrasting palette of soft materials and reflections, three spaces – an entrance, an exhibition space and a cinema – form an experience that brings individuality and unity.

Visitors enter into an infinity room of wall-to-wall mirrors, instantly seeing themselves reflected in the architecture and becoming part of the space. They continue through to the exhibition space where they can explore over 30 portraits of the people behind different projects printed on sheer recycled fabric, hanging from the ceiling and lit by perimetric linear lighting. Shot in a unifying black and white, seen en masse the images come together in a flag formation; a curated celebration of the unique parts that make up the greater whole of Inditex’s approach and commitment to bring change in the industry. 

The final room gestures towards a classic cinema hall, carpeted in a vibrant red with long benches positioned in front of a large projection. Here, visitors can become part of the story themselves; a space that is adjacent to the room invites them to share their views and ideas or initiatives via a video recording. A living archive that will evolve over the course of the week, each piece of content is documented in the same monochrome format of the exhibition space,  and projected in the cinema room. 

Creative Concept, Research, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Art Direction, Installation Engineering
NORTHSIX, Acierta Retail

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