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An event space for AIR COMPANY’s Innovation Summit

On the occasion of Climate Week NYC, Random Studio translated the ethos of AIR COMPANY into a spatial journey that introduced visitors to the company over the course of one night. Founded in 2019, the technology company is devoted to converting carbon waste into sustainable fuel through carbon utilisation technology.

The event ‘Roadmap to Ending Extinction’ needed to synthesise a wealth of complex information and research into a comprehensive experience. We created a space that guided visitors through the three different moments of the evening – an exhibition, a presentation and a celebration.

Carved into different sections, the space acts as a portal into the company’s universe, mixing multi-layered installations with live elements to both inform guests and foster future collaborations over the three stages of the evening. The event opens with an introductory area that grounds us firmly in the present, visually representing CO2 through an abstract data animation.

A metal wall both divides the main space and acts as a canvas to host information that elaborate on AIR COMPANY’s technology. Drawings of the reactor are displayed on transparent acrylic as well as texts describing its different parts. Extruded aluminium profiles are used to make a central pillar on which screens, text panels and sample objects frame their accomplishments and multiple collaborations.

The exhibition leads into a presentation moment, where the space is activated by the team to talk in more detail about the technology’s future goals and new products. The event culminates with a celebratory cocktail, in which the space is transformed to enable networking, taking advantage of the important meeting point that Climate Week NYC offers.

Creative Concept, Experience Design, Art Direction, Spatial Design, Lighting Design, Graphic and Motion Design, Production Management
Photography – David Cabrera Production – Bednark A/V – Total Concept Integration

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