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Green is our Default

As a studio we are committed to bring experience and expertise in sustainable design to the core of our studio. With this practise, we aim to become a resource and collaborative partner for our clients and the design community in the conversion to sustainable design.

Go Modular and Local

We have an integrated design and build process that favours materials that are local, ethically produced, recyclable or degradable.

Optimise for Duration

We take the life-after-the-project into account when designing and engineering the experience.

Energy-efficient Technologies

During technical & software development, we consider the real-world impact of computing, focusing on energy efficiency.

Sustainable Logistics

We minimise travel and shipping, and pursue renewable energy when powering temporary or permanent installations.

In our studio

We work on lowering our carbon footprint in-house by critically evaluating how we work, how we travel and what we consume.

In 2022, we became a certified B Corp – a new kind of business that is legally committed to having a positive effect on people and the planet rather than a destructive one.

We are committed to educating ourselves and placing sustainability at the core of our studio, and have created a Sustainability Toolkit to help our team change the way they work.

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