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A breathing installation for the Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga collaboration

For the second chapter of Dom Pérignon’s collaboration with Lady Gaga, we were commissioned to design and build the scenography for a pop-up at Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo.

This time the encounter of these two creative visions came together in a limited edition metal gift box, its distorted shape brimming with energy, as if the bottle inside had inflated up against its own boundaries.

Starting on the street with a vortex-like window display, the installation occupies the ground floor of the department store where the interior architecture interprets the inflated gift box as a living, breathing organism.

Three electric purple animated pillars, encased in metallic foil, frame the area where the products are wrapped, bringing to life the process behind the design and linking architecture to object.

Playing with materiality and tension, the reflective pillars ripple through different states powered by an engineered air system, embodying the effect of the bottle inflating from within and explaining the mechanism behind the packaging. 

Dom Pérignon
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