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A glitch palace for the Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga collaboration

We were invited by Dom Pérignon to design and build the scenography for a series of pop-up spaces in London, Berlin, Madrid and Tokyo to showcase their collaboration with Lady Gaga. Revolving around their shared passion for creative freedom, we drew on the energy of the campaign to translate its lavish digital aesthetic into a physical space: the Glitch Palace.

How can you build a digital world in real life? Working closely with a digital sculptor, we began a multi-layered process to find a way of deforming and glitching physical objects with Lady Gaga’s whirlwind energy. Building on the theme of creative freedom, we experimented with a variety of software and Rapid Prototyping Techniques to explore digital sculpture as a craft in its own right, using the tactility of real-life materials such as fabric and marble to create precious, hybrid objects.

The resulting space melts Dom Pérignon’s clean-cut elegance into Lady Gaga’s wild aesthetic as it spills into our physical world. Behind a liquified tasting table, visitors can take Lady Gaga’s place on the Throne – an electric pink, shell-like cavity punched into the wall. The centrepiece is the Uber Piece; a plinth that displays the limited-edition collaboration. Even the floor – a digital interpretation of marble – is an artistic gesture in itself.

Dom Pérignon
Creative Concept, UX/CX Design, Experience Design, Art Direction, Spatial Design, Prototyping, Installation Engineering, Research
Fiction Factory – Physical Production

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