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A theatrical storefront display at La Rinascente for Lady Gaga x Dom Pérignon

For the third chapter of Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Dom Pérignon, we were commissioned to translate the video campaign into a window display at Milan’s La Rinascente. An abstract dance piece set at the brand’s spiritual birthplace in a monastery in Hautvillers, the video piece ‘The Labor of Creation’ celebrates the dedication to craft and hard work shared by both Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon.

Our display distils its essence into a sequence of scenographies that transform La Rinascente’s arched corridor into an elegant spatial reworking of the film, unfolding across eight windows – brought to life by light, colour and motion.

The three chapters of the video – Myth, The Passage of Time and Ora and Labora – are each reimagined in individual window displays, mirrored on each side of the store’s entrance in a nod to the repetition and practice needed to elevate your craft. Drawing on the video’s deconstructed aesthetics, the design language replicates architectural elements of the Abbey into minimal sets, animated by a gradual evolution of light and colour.

The first window references the brand’s heritage, bathing a champagne bottle in neutral light, framed by layered arches that seem to recede into the distance. The second hosts a grid of resting bottles amidst a dynamic cycle of orange and white light that represent the time needed for the maturation process of the champagne.

The final window reflects the joyful culmination of the creative process, placing the bottle centrestage against a backdrop of dancing shadowy forms from the video campaign. Bookending these three displays on each side of the front entrance are two windows that host the full campaign video.

Enhancing the theatrical nature of this streetside spectacle and the video’s flow through the dance performance, mechanised curtains conceal and reveal each window, timed in harmony with each display’s light animation. Drawing visitors from the street towards the architectural performance, sound from the campaign video echoes down La Rinascente’s grand arches. 

Lady Gaga x Dom Pérignon
Art Direction, Creative Concept, Spatial Design, Lighting Design, Scenography
Photography – Martino De Grandis Production Partner – Factory Group Italy

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