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A Kinetic Window Display for Neiman Marcus

We were commissioned by American department store, Neiman Marcus, to design a series of window displays that hosts products from their new campaign. Setting digital imagery drawn from their New Frontiers campaign in motion using an analogue rotating backdrop mechanism, our kinetic installation creates a never-ending scene, rolled out at shops across the country. 

The campaign 'New Frontiers' is inspired by the pursuit of the extraordinary things that await us beyond the horizon, illustrated by a series of landscapes iconic to the US. We created imagery based on these scenes – from the red sand of Monument Valley to the Rocky Mountains and the faraway lunar caverns of the moon via a serene prairie.

Printed as large-scale posters, the backdrops roll, animating the imagery and transforming the static landscapes into seemingly infinite vistas – always moving towards an ever-present horizon. 

Throughout all the displays, the horizon is a constant line accentuated by the letter design and Neiman Marcus’ iconic logo, uniting the different windows. Acting as a vessel to frame one product at the epicentre of the horizon, each kinetic installation rotates towards the new collection, the ever-unfolding landscape guiding the eyes of passersby towards the product. 

Neiman Marcus 
Creative Concept, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Lighting Design, Prototyping, Production Management, Installation Engineering, Research

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