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Romantic Futurism: a digital fresco for Gucci

What kind of new space is born when the past is processed by the future? How can digital content become spatial material? We were commissioned by Gucci to make content for the interior of a new space in a department store in Chengdu, China.

Taking inspiration from the store’s classical architecture, the Renaissance tradition of the brand’s hometown, Florence, and the natural features of Chengdu itself, the monumental generative landscape explores and expands the use of screens as architectural material.

Unfolding across 33 large LED screens adorning the walls of the 3-story store in the Sichuan capital, the digital fresco is composed of layers of AI-generated imagery morphing together to create an ever-evolving fantasy landscape. Cycling through morning, afternoon and night, the once-static architecture of the building becomes an immersive, living interior that will always be different depending on when you visit.

Offering visitors a durational experience where each fleeting moment is rich with detail like any living landscape, no matter when they enter. 

Blending images of Chinese hibiscus, Florentine architecture and natural ephemera, the fresco we created investigates a different kind of digital aesthetic: one that extends beyond the present to encompass the past, tradition, local and cultural touch points and painterly styles.

Working in collaboration with AI image generators – Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Dall E 2 – our workflow drew on the many different skill sets of our team, fine tuning a balance between human artistic control and randomisation within this generative environment.

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, 3D Design, AI Production
Peter Talisman “Prelude - A Difficult Fog Descends On The Land”

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