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An internet creation myth for kids

Commissioned by Cinekid Medialab 2020, we created an immersive Internet creation myth for kids in collaboration with artist Geoffrey Lillemon.

Plunging visitors down the deep, dark rabbit hole of a parallel Internet, we made both a physical version at the Eye Filmmuseum, and an online version that worked across all devices.

Find the digital experience here:

A fantasy universe populated by ancient avatars and hacker cats, Parallel Archeologies reimagines the Internet as a blackhole that sucks our attention inwards, streaming distortions of alternate Internets and code-cracked dimensions to stitch together a cosmic fairy tale for the digital age.

Delving into the bottomless well of Internet aesthetics, visitors have the dizzying feeling of falling into an endless blackhole. For the physical version, the experience literally plays out in a well, with arcade-style buttons on the side to switch to alternative parallel realities where artificial intelligence wreaks havoc.

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