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A playful interactive search engine for Cinekid Festival

In another collaboration with artist Philip Schuette, this installation invites you to get physical and use your body as a search term for images. Strike a pose and watch it reflected back through images, excavated from the bottomless global bin of the internet.

Each time you move, your digital series of associations moves with you, cycling through thousands of different online images: holiday snaps, artwork, animals, sculptures, selfies – and whatever other surprises among the digital debris may surface.

Usually a computer senses us through our fingertips; our encounters are distant and mediated by limiting physical modes of interaction. BODY, instead, sucks up the whole body, using it as an interface itself to start a new and uncanny conversation with the machine.

The common language of images becomes a point of departure for an embodied conversation between the physical and the digital: a dialogue of mutual exploration and curiosity.

BODY presented the opportunity to play with hyper-responsive code that allows for novel and physical interactions between people and algorithms. Our development team combined freely-available neural network (AI) libraries and a custom media pipeline to process the hundreds of thousands of images required. Live pose tracking, graphics and sound were generated in-browser with high performance web technologies.

Read more about how this project was conceived technically in this article on Medium.

Cinekid Festival
Technical Direction, Development, Art Direction
Philip Schuette

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