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Endless sunsets for Paco Rabanne in Paris

We brought Paco Rabanne’s search for an ‘endless sunset’ to two of its Parisian stores to mark the launch of its SS22 beachwear collection. Embracing kitsch and the retro luxury of 70s beach resorts in equal measure, we reimagined the cliché of the sunset in two different variations that encouraged visitors to interact with images with their bodies: a window display and an in-store experience.

Inside the store, the sunset multiplies in digital form in an immersive room. In this variation, two screens are filled with a dynamic patchwork of different miniature sunsets, generated in real time and reflected by two mirrored walls. Triggered by LIDAR sensor technology lining the floor, the suns set and rise in response to visitors’ movements, the colours flickering between night and day to ‘mirror’ the shape of their bodies moving through the space.

For the window display, we drew on the analogue language of lenticular printing to create a series of giant postcards that act as backdrops to mannequins sporting the collection.

Created in Blender, each sunset is sculpted to echo the colour of the looks and contain 3 different movements. Framed by a sharp and industrial aluminium structure, the sun in these kitsch ‘static’ landscapes sets and rises depending on where you’re standing, inviting visitors to interact with the image using their bodies.

Paco Rabanne
Creative Concept, Art Direction, Spatial Design, Experience Design, Software Development, Prototyping, Content Creation

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