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A store takeover at Place Vendôme

for the launch of Chanel's new watch

For its biggest ever global watch launch, Chanel enlisted us to create the scenography for a temporary takeover of its flagship boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris.

The new J12 watch series revolves around encounters and decisive moments, and needed a fittingly momentous occasion to celebrate its launch. Through shaping the colour and light inside the building, our design aimed to hijack visitors’ sense of time, giving them a surreal and sensory experience inspired and directed by a series of short campaign films.

The illusion reached its peak in the Grand Salon: the iconic view out onto Place Vendôme was replaced by a simulation that allowed the room to travel through time, slipping between warm sunsets, foggy mornings and glowing afternoon skies.

The sun traces through the sky, shadows dart across the square and cars race backwards, as different Chanel muses invite visitors into their favourite memories in short films screened on the walls.

This magical light dance reverberated through the different rooms of the store, and also became the spearhead for two other J12 launch events that we organised, in Beijing and Taiwan.

Scenography Design, Software development, Creative Direction, Installation
K2, Lighting & Show Design Ltd

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