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Pangaia's first permanent Paris store in Galeries Lafayette

We were commissioned to design and create Pangaia’s first semi-permanent physical store in the new offspring of one of Paris’ oldest fashion institutions – Magazine Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées. Providing a blueprint for the brand's upcoming physical presence in stores across the world, our pared-back interior design centres on adaptability and sustainability. Featuring a series of core elements, the set-up can be easily replicated, scaled up or down and modified according to location and season.

Installed in a bright and airy spot on the first floor of the Parisian Art Deco building, the skeleton of the space we created is minimal and timeless, giving centre stage to the brand's signature bright colours and cuts that change each season. Embracing its identity as a materially-driven innovator of sustainable textiles, our neutral palette plays on a lab aesthetic, using fixtures made from clean-cut glass, aluminium and a durable, circular material made from compressed recycled textile fabric.

Each design feature is built to host changing content. Lined on either side by glass racks housing the colour-blocked products, the centrepiece is the Innovation Table. An educational piece of furniture, the cabinet has several transparent layers that displays material exploring the inner workings of whatever technology has been used to make the collection on view. The space is closed off by a block of living green: a terrarium filled with plants chosen by a local specialist – a selection that will be different in each location.

Art Direction, Spatial Design, Fixture Design

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