Westzaanstraat 10
1013 NG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Random is an independent experience design studio.
We are strategists, designers and engineers from all over the world, collaborating with brands to trigger curiosity and use technology to spark new, unexpected connections between people and the space around them.

How can we make the digital a living, breathing part of our world? How can technology be integrated into the very foundations of a space; as part of our physical world, engaging us to explore, play and wonder?

We have a holistic, research-led approach that can be applied to products, experiences and platforms where spatial and digital design are integrated.

Connected Spaces

Blending digital and physical space, we create immersive, sensory experiences that open new worlds and evoke a sense of wonder. Our interactive environments are shaped by connectivity: they use technology in a tactile way, inviting people to play, reflect and explore.

  • Experiental installations
  • Exhibitions
  • In-store experiences

Human-Centered Products

Drawing on in-depth research and technical expertise, we craft holistic global platforms for businesses and consumers that are both relevant and enduring. Extending beyond their primary function, the digital tools we build are experiential and boundary-pushing: they rethink and adapt to the way brands work today.

  • Consumer and B2B platforms
  • Omnichannel services

Communication Formats

Sparking new conversations between brands and their audiences, we disrupt existing formats to develop unique ways of communicating. Each project needs its own voice: we play with radical forms that capture the energy and many layers of a story in imaginative and surprising ways.

  • Conceptualising new formats
  • Social engagement
  • Film direction and editing