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The bridal forest for Boucheron's new flagship store in Tokyo

As part of our recent work for Boucheron, we created a series of nature-themed interventions in their flagship store in Ginza, Japan; a verdant ecosystem of interconnected spaces for the French brand to live in.

Located on the third floor, the Bridal Forest is an interactive installation that invites couples who have come to buy a wedding ring to mark this turning point in their lives by leaving a message on our Wishing Tree.

To get to the Bridal Floor visitors follow a Vertical Garden that adorns a stairway in ivy and fern, emerging from the tall canopy into the Bridal Forest.

The dynamic tree has a shrine that hosts an interactive screen where users write their ‘wish’ which then is translated into a unique visual dance of sound and light, cascading through the chimes that adorn the branches of the birch.

This ritual offers a real-time interaction between the space and the people in it, but also invites customers to take home a tangible memory of their ring-buying experience. Scanning a QR code, they can download an image of their wish to keep forever.

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