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A sensorial store takeover for Nike House of Innovation

Continuing our collaboration with Nike House of Innovation, we were commissioned to reimagine the store as an embodiment of the Holistic Fitness campaign – a new direction in the brand’s vision.

Focusing on feeling rather than movement, the HOI became a living organism shaped by the power of breath; a portal into a sensorial experience that invites customers to discover their own approach to wellness, both through product innovation and breath-work skills picked up at the ‘BreathLab’. 

The different elements of the space interconnect aesthetically, energetically and spatially into one entity, reflecting the soft materiality of the new products and the vitality of breath. In the window display, the power of the collective is celebrated by two tiers of mannequins in dynamic yoga poses, positioned in front of a circle cut-out that frames a tunnel leading to the store’s centrepiece: the BreathLab.

Gently pulsing with light that cycles from cool to warm, visitors walk through a corridor lined with mannequins on the inside and product displays and screens on the outside. Fashioned out of panels of stretchy fabric, a pinkish sphere that houses the BreathLab sits at the end of the tunnel. 

Upon entering the space, animated by ever-shifting light, up to two visitors begin a guided breathwork exercise. As the visitors breathe, a thermal camera measures their changing breath rate, reflecting it back at them in the form of a unique, glowing ‘Aura’ portrait. As if breathing with the visitor, the space itself changes in sync with the Aura portrait, warming up from a blueish resting rate to a rosy pink as the exercise progresses.

At the end, visitors are invited to take a photo of their portrait after it spills onto the walls of the BreathLab itself, lingering until the next participant arrives. Throughout the day, layers of unique Auras will build into a collective gradient of breaths, the sphere influenced by those that have entered it.

For this project we developed an application integrating an AI model with a thermal camera to detect whether individuals were inhaling or exhaling.⁠ A personalised spatial experience is generated based on this information.⁠

⁠ AI doesn't just materialise magically, a significant amount of effort was invested in crafting a precise model: more than 8000 noses were meticulously observed and labeled to ensure the AI could accurately distinguish between inhaling and exhaling based on nasal temperature data.⁠

Nike House of Innovation Paris
Creative Concept, Experience Design, Art Direction, Spatial Design, Software Development, Creative Technology, UI & Motion Design

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