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A virtual fashion graduation show for the Royal Academy of Antwerp

The Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp commissioned us to think about how to translate this year’s event into the digital. What kind of platform accommodates the diverse – and potentially last minute – range of works created by their large group of students?

How to bring the energy and experience of the physical runway to the screen? We used the opportunity to think forward to the possibilities of future fashion shows.

In our vision, physicality remains at the heart of this digital architecture. We deconstructed the mechanisms and internal logic of the traditional fashion show, re-imagining how they could play out in virtual space in front of a global audience.

Third year bachelor – Ezio Costa

Third year bachelor – Huize You

Third year bachelor – Johanna von Moerl

Through the traditional eyes of classic fashion show cameras, the visitor is invited to view and experience an innovative digital event. takes place in an online structure that references our shared understanding of space, but is enhanced using digital tools.

The platform independently showcases the elaborate creations of all 140 Bachelor students across three year levels and 9 Masters’ students in an event that unfolds live over a number of hours, and can then be rewatched on a timeline afterwards.

Second year bachelor – Amar Amgalanbaatar

Second year bachelor – Ching-lin Chen

Second year bachelor – Gabriel Watt

Challenging the perception of a model, the student’s work shimmies its way down the runway, in a novel way of showcasing fashion graduation content.

First year bachelor – Jin Young Kwon

First year bachelor – Alba Niessen

First year bachelor – Jiayue She

The choreographies of the real-life fashion take on a new shape on the platform. Here the virtual runway is located in a geometric space, ever changing to represent the collection on show.

Third Year Bachelor - Exercise World Costume

We additionally supported the master students by providing them with a digital spatial canvas that allowed each of them to create their personalised environment, setting their own stage for their introduction to the fashion industry.

Masters – Julia Ballardt

Masters – Marie Martens

Masters – Florentina Leitner

Read more about how this project was conceived technically in this article on Medium.

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