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An audio-visual jambox for Vans in Milan

We were commissioned by Vans to make an in-store installation at Milan’s concept store OREFICI 11. Channelling the brand’s longtime connections to music and self-expression, we created the AV jambox; a playful intervention that transforms the store into a place to hang out with friends.

Situated in front of a giant LED wall, the AV jambox creates an on-tour vibe, inviting visitors to jam on a collection of FX pedals and audio interfaces that influence the images and sounds on-screen.

From action to sports to music via a couple of livestreams that capture live footage from the store itself, visitors can put their own spin on Vans content to make collective AV experiments that they can record on their own phones using a stand placed in front of the installation.

Random Studio
Creative Concept, Art Direction, Installation Design, Interactive Design, Creative Technology

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