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Bottega Veneta takeover at Saks Fifth Avenue

To celebrate its SS20 collection, Bottega Veneta commissioned us to take over the windows of New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue and create 5 pop-up areas indoors. We partnered with spatial designers Bonsoir Paris to concept and design. Together, we took the takeover task literally; through subtle interventions into the architecture of Saks itself, we created a bold stage for Bottega’s collection.

Transformation was at the root of our takeover and the shapes and forms of the Saks building became our raw material. We recreated various architectural elements, allowing them to morph and change in response to the shapes, weights and forms of Bottega’s products, as if the objects could rejig any surface they came into contact with. Inspired by the free-form, liquid world of 3D – where environments can be duplicated and realities distorted – Saks Fifth Avenue and Bottega Veneta meet and merge to create hybrid, gravity-defying spatial designs.

From the six windows overlooking the city’s streets to the multiple interventions scattered inside the store, visitors encountered the takeover as a non-linear journey of discovery. The space is almost as it once was, but a second glance reveals a series of glitches that have mutated parts of the ten-floor building.

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