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An infinity room for NikeLab

NikeLab fuses physical retail, online commerce and digital engagement environments in order to provide customers with Nike’s innovative expressions. For the launch of the LunarEpic Flyknit shoe in the London store, we conceived an immersive space that invited visitors to put the shoe to the test in an experiential set up.

With the Infinity Room, one could discover the shoe’s features by actually wearing them in action. Amid a pulsing light- and soundscape, and fully surrounded by mirrors, the athlete-for-the-moment ran on a real treadmill into what seemed to be infinity. Automatically triggering cameras, runners are shot from three different angles: front, feet and back. As a bonus, one left with a personalized kaleidoscopic video – created in real time and delivered within seconds afterwards to their mailbox.

We have developed an expertise in immersive installations with a focus on the creation of shareable imagery. Earlier collaborations with Nike include an animated LED football pitch for the European Street Football League Final in Berlin called Nike Football X, and a surveillance-themed installation to mark the drop of a strictly limited edition footwear, created with Errolson Hugh of avant-garde label Acronym, NikeLab x ACRNM.

The lights pulse along with audio, launching into a faster loop as the runner breaks into a jog, surrounded by a myriad of reflected visions.

Functioning as a remote for the installation, the interface allowed Nike teams to control the room’s light and sound scenography and trigger the recording of the digital takeaway.

The kaleidoscopic edit was rendered automatically and delivered straight to the runner’s inbox after review, complete with sharing instructions.

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