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Interactive retail fixture

for Tommy Hilfiger

While the Tommy Hilfiger Kids’ Collection is extensive, it is usually only available in a handful of their stores. Without taking up too much floor space or introducing new stock, how could you make people aware that this collection exists? Through play.

We drew on our two areas of specialisation – experiential installations and retail platforms – to create an interactive store fixture that provides a solution to the puzzle: the Tommy Hilfiger Kids Machine.

Playfully shaped like a stack of boxes, the Kids Machine is colourful and eye-catching with bright tubes of moving lights protruding from its sides. The central touchscreen is framed by dials, glowing buttons and a giant slider and sound effects are emitted from a visible speaker grille.

More arcade game than information screen, the design is tactile, inviting passersby to stop and explore. Curiosity is rewarded with an interactive experience that is both fun and informative. Moving a slider to choose a specific height or turning a dial to pick a colour results in immediate feedback on-screen, accompanied by lively light animations and sounds.

The key functionalities of the machine are simple and clear: you can browse the Kids Collection, purchase items and create a wishlist. Building on our previous work for the Store of the Future platform, which powers much of Tommy Hilfiger’s in-store digital experience, the Kids Machine is different in presentation: carefully-prototyped hardware controls replace almost all of the interface that is normally represented on-screen. By encouraging play, the experience of the Kids Machine evokes the brand values of the collection itself.

The result was a real success story that saw double the rates of engagement and conversion compared to other touch screens in store. We see this as an exciting step forward in our long-term work on the Store of the Future that demonstrated the possibilities in merging retail platforms with interactive installations.

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