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An infinity loop for Nike House of Innovation in Paris

For the launch of Nike’s new series of leggings, we created an in-store takeover at the brand’s House of Innovation (HOI) in Paris that translates the movement and materials at the heart of the campaign into a spatial design.

Bringing a sense of flow to the HOI’s existing architecture and its clean and futuristic aesthetics, we created an infinity loop that unites the different elements of the takeover in one organic gesture of motion. 

Focusing on the synchronized movement of dancers, the new campaign celebrates the versatility of the line with its three types of leggings and holistic approach to fitness. The window display captures the dynamism of a group activity through a choreography of mannequins frozen in motion, giving the tableau vivant of the campaign a sculptural dimension.

Once visitors are inside, a big loop flows through the space, guiding their journey and connecting each retail area of the store in one fluid stroke. Playing with different textures and materials, the waveform itself has a soft tactility that references the material of the leggings highlighted against HOI’s deconstructed, industrial architecture.

Splitting away from the group formation of the window, the 'Arena' zones zoom in on the individual products through separate displays while the leggings are pictured in action along the 'Mannequin Corridor'.

Visitors then reach the 'Innovation Lab' where screens provide a zoom in on the details and different qualities of each product. Like a moment frozen, expanded and stretched out throughout the store, visitors are invited to follow the figure of eight and explore the products in rich detail.  

Nike House of Innovation PAR/002
Creative Concept, Experience Design, Art Direction, Spatial Design
Salem Mostefaoui

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