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Creative direction of film production for Maison Margiela

Headed up by John Galliano, Maison Margiela’s ‘Artisanal’ is a high concept collection that embodies the radical spirit of the house, whilst pushing the boundaries of its ever-evolving language. For Spring-Summer 19 Couture, Galliano enlisted us as a digital partner to amplify the coverage of his extravagant runway show.

The main video played on the reflected images of the mirrored runway, shot with rotating cameras to blur the lines between reality and its image. For a finishing touch, we brought to life the key motif of the collection – the poodle – who became the show’s protagonist.

The show itself was a spectacle-like affair so we captured it from every angle and perspective, creating a stream of different images and content including the main runway video, live-editing for Instagram Live, a pre-show teaser, a podcast teaser, a series of backstage videos and backstage and empty-set photography.

This season was part of Galliano’s research into a ‘New Glamour’, with the latest instalment revolving around the cyclical nature of decadence. A riot of bright colours and jittering computer-generated imagery, the collection bubbles with the excess and artifice of the digital world and its flood of overlapping information. This baroque visual chaos needed to be translated into the documentation of the show, which played on the borders of fake and real.


Maison Margiela


Creative Direction of Film Production, Editing, Asset production, Photography

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